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Help with allergies

In most homes, bedrooms are often the main problem areas when it comes to allergies flaring up. To make your bedrooms less hospitable to mould, dust mites and other troublesome allergens, follow these simple preventative steps.

Say goodbye to dust mites

Using protective dust mite covers on your bed is one of the most effective steps you can take in the fight against indoor allergies. The Eco-Bed range of mattress and pillow protectors prevent allergies caused by dust mites, bacteria and mould.

Choose products that have been treated to protect against dust mites. Greenfirst® contains extracts of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. Vegetable Geraniol, extracted from plants, is the active substance which gives Greenfirst® its outstanding performance against dust-mites. The range includes pillows, duvet inners and mattress protectors and is exclusive to Briscoes


Some allergy sufferers may be allergic to feather or down fillings for pillows and duvet inners. Choose from our range of alternative options such as; Polyester, Memory Foam, Foam Chip, Bamboo Fibre and Memory Foam Gel.


Dust mites love carpet. It's one of their favourite hiding places. So choose low-pile over high-pile carpet, as high-pile tends to hold more allergens. Then, give your weekly cleaning routine a turbo boost by using a vacuum with a HEPA filter and a double bag. You should also wear a dust mask while you vacuum to avoid inhaling any airborne dust particles.


Blinds and heavy, dry clean-only drapes are magnets for dust. Washable curtains and roller shades are a more effective alternative. It also pays to wipe down window frames and glass regularly to inhibit mould and mildew build up.


Keep things simple. The less unnecessary fabric, upholstery and odds-and-ends in your room, the better. Move all clutter, likes books, magazines and ornaments to another room so you can dust less frequently. Don't store things under your bed.


Dust mites and other nasties such as mould, thrive in warm, damp spaces. Aim to keep your home cool and dry. Dust mites can't breed as well at temperatures below 25°C or in environments where the humidity levels sit below 50%.

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