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The payment options accepted at Briscoes Online are:









You will be charged at the time of placing your order. If for some reason we cannot supply an item, the value of the item/s will be refunded to you. If the whole order is cancelled, all funds including freight, will be refunded to you. It may take up to 7 working days for funds to reappear in your account.

Completely secure. We use advanced encryption technology that makes personal information such as credit card details unreadable as it travels over the internet. Thanks to this technology, your credit card number and its expiry date become virtually indecipherable while in transit on the internet.

There are two ways of verifying the privacy of your transactions – when you are on the page that asks you to enter your credit card details, check for these signs to be sure your transaction is secure: a security icon (a key or padlock) will appear on the screen, and the address of the document you are accessing begins with https:// (secure hypertext transfer protocol).

If you have just purchased something from Briscoes and checked your bank account immediately after and it appears that you have been charged twice, there is no need to worry. There could be a very simple explanation for this.

When you place an order with Briscoes your bank places a hold on the funds at the time you checkout to make sure these are available when we come to charge your card which is only done after we've picked and packed your order and are just about to dispatch it.

The holding of funds is known as a preauthorisation and if you are viewing your statement online this looks like it is a charge for the value of your order which is why it looks like you've been charged twice.

The preauthorisation is standard practice when funds are transferred electronically. The preauthorisation should automatically drop off within 5 working days of when you originally placed your order, however you can contact your bank and ask them to remove this sooner if you wish.

Currently you can pay for your Briscoes online order in Australian Dollars

NOTE: There may be a Foreign International Fee for non-Australian cards, depending on your bank.

'Briscoes' will appear on your statement.

Orders can be automatically placed under review for multiple reasons. Most of the time it has just been flagged and needs to be manually reviewed before it can proceed in the process for security reasons. If you are concerned, please contact our Customer Service team.

When you are logged into your account, you can find your invoice under My Account > Order History > View Order Details. 


Need Assistance?

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