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Tablefair 16 Bottle Revolving Spice Rack


Holds 16 glass bottles to keep all of your spices beautifully arranged.


Coriander Seed 34g. Dry Small Red Chili 12g. Parsley 12g. Coarse Salt 105g. Whole Bay Leaves 8g. Thyme 20g. Fennel Seed 31g. Garlic Flakes 30g. Marjoram 13g. Basil 16g. Rosemary 27g. Black Peppercorn 51g. Caraway Seed 48g. Oregano 22g. Paprika 44g. Sage 18g.

Customer Reviews
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    I've wanted one of these for ages but wanted to make sure I picked the right one for me.I love this one as they are glass containers & because there is a joint in the lid & you can lift both sides separately, one to sprinkle & one to pour, if you needed more.So happy with this item