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Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales - classic & digital scales

Every kitchen needs a good set of kitchen scales for precise food measurement. Make your cooking prep more precise with our attractive, accurate range of classic and digital kitchen scales that are sure to fit in with your kitchen decor today. 

Be precise in the kitchen with these great value kitchen scales in NZ

When the utmost accuracy is required for the perfect dish, a set of digital kitchen scales are just what you're after. Sometimes known as food scales, our extensive range of kitchen scales come complete with a range of design features, such as precision strain gauge sensors for a higher level of accuracy. 

There are also many other variables to help you choose your kitchen scales. If you find your analogue scales harder to read, you’ll love the bold, backlit digital readings. You may wish to consider the weight limits of different kitchen scale models too. 

Many of our options also have multiple scales of measurement, meaning that they can be used for recipes from all around the world. Not to mention that many have an auto-zero function to minimise inaccuracies and time measuring and low battery indicators that make looking after your kitchen scales easy as pie. You can really reap the benefits when scales are digital.

Shop accurate kitchen and food scales in NZ at Briscoes

At Briscoes, we carry a variety of kitchenware that meets your cooking needs from brands such as Wiltshire. Why not increase precision in the kitchen even further with some of our measuring spoons? You can also use our knives and chopping boards to prepare your ingredients for weighing or make measuring flour easier with a sieve.

Shop kitchen scales today at Briscoes and enjoy our fast shipping options and our price guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about kitchen scales.

What is the best brand of kitchen scales?

This will depend on your budget and what you plan to use your kitchen or food scales for. At Briscoes, we stock leading brands of kitchen scales, including Wiltshire and Brabantia. 

What is the use of a kitchen scale?

Technically speaking, a kitchen scale is used to measure the weight of food or liquids. A kitchen scale is particularly helpful for weighing ingredients with precision.