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Fridge Jugs

Whether you’re keen to drink better tasting water than your regular tap water, want to filter your water for added cleanliness, or simply interested in finding a way to store water in your fridge to make it cold, our fridge jugs provide clean drinking water, no matter where you are.

Drink better water with these beneficial fridge jugs

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your water, fridge jugs are a straightforward, effective solution. Whatever size you’re looking for, you can find a fridge jug to produce cleaner drinking water here at Briscoes.

If you’re worried about your tap water or want to make it taste better and cleaner, our range of fridge jugs contains UV sterilised filters that removes any dirt and sediment that may have entered the water after it’s treated is easily removed, so you don’t have to worry about the water you’re drinking.

When there’s been a change in the hardness of your water, a fridge jug is an excellent solution to reduce the hardness as it filters out the minerals that make the water harder, such as calcium and magnesium. Or remove chlorine in your water with a jug filter that uses activated carbon to remove some of the by-products of the treatment.

Find the latest and greatest fridge jugs at Briscoes 

You can use the water from your filter jugs to make pots of tea, coffee with one of our impressive espresso makers or in a SodaStream. You can also use your fridge jugs to fill up your drink bottle for delicious water when you’re on the go.

At Briscoes, we specialise in kitchen goods from quality brands. Get your fridge jugs now and enjoy our fast shipping and free returns options. Or Click & Collect from your favourite Briscoes store.