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Knife accessories

Keep your kitchen knives in sharp, optimal condition with our knife sharpeners and knife accessories. Our latest range offers so much variety, from intricate three-stage sharpening blocks to simple and effective handheld knife sharpeners. Sharpen any knife in your kitchen, from your chef's knife through to your carving knife. 

Be ready for cutting and chopping with knife sharpeners

They say that the best kitchen knives are only as good as their knife sharpener. We have a range of excellent knife sharpeners depending on how you prefer to keep your knives kitchen ready. You can even choose them with different sharpening options (coarse, medium or fine sharpening). That way, you can control the sharpness of your blades with ease.

If you prefer a handheld sharpener for your knives, we have steel knife sharpeners with handles designed for easy grip as well as hand guards so you can sharpen your knives more safely. 

If you prefer a knife sharpening block that you can keep on your kitchen bench, our latest range is made from premium materials such as tungsten and ceramic stone. These knife sharpeners have non-slip bases for extra grip and stability and also come in a range of colours, so you can choose one that best suits your kitchen. 

Purchase leading knife accessories in NZ at Briscoes

You can use these precise, reliable knife sharpeners with our individual kitchen knives, knife block sets or scissors. And while you’re here, don’t miss our chopping boards for a sturdy chopping surface. 

At Briscoes, we stock a wide variety of kitchenware to make cooking easy, all from reliable brands such as Wiltshire and the famous Scanpan knife block. Buy a knife sharpener for your kitchen today and enjoy our fast shipping and price guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about knife accessories. 

What is the thing called that holds a knife?

Every knife is built differently. But, commonly, a knife blade will be connected to a knife handle. This handle can be made out of many materials, including plastic or even wood. 

What tool is a paring knife?

Sometimes known as a mini knife or short chef knife, a paring knife is suited for more small-scale or intricate cutting and slicing. A paring knife is often under 10 centimetres long.