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Your Guide to Heating

The colder weather calls for as many heating devices as you can in your household for the most affordable price. This means you will need to weigh out what is the best product for your money based on whether you have a small, medium or large room to heat, along with the speed you are wanting to heat this room. There are many types of heaters that all have different ways to heat a room based on electricity use, size and speed. 



Our Range Explained

Understand the different types of heaters and the best ways to use these to be efficient and cost-effective throughout your home. 



Oil Column Heaters

  • Gentle, long lasting heat.
  • These use electricity to heat oil within the casing, which provides steady and silent heat. Oil Column Heaters are the most efficient and cost-effective electircial portable heaters for long term use, as the oil continues to emit heat up to half an hour after the appliance is switched off.
  • This is recommended for heating of larger rooms as it is more cost-effective and lasts longer after switched off.






Convector Heaters

  • Radiates comfort.
  • Convection Heaters pass ar over an electrical element. As the hot air rises it is replaced by colder air which is heated in turn. This convection circulation naturally warms the surrounding area.
  • This is lightweight and portable, which often operate quietly and are a simple, clean design.