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The best kind of heater for you and your family depends on the size of your area, the amount of heat you want, the type of heat you want and the running cost. This guide can help you make the right choice for you and your home.

Which heater do I need?

I need to heat

Just Me

In my office or watching TV

I need to heat a

Small Room

Such as an office or a kids bedroom

I need to heat a

Medium Room

Such as a hallway or master bedroom

I need to heat a

Large Room

Such as a lounge or dining room

I need to heat an

Open Plan Room

Such as an open plan living & dining area

Heater Types Explained

Ceramic Heaters

Ideal for medium to large rooms and great if you have limited floor space

Convector Heaters

Ideal for medium to large rooms and are lightweight, portable & quiet operating

Fan Heaters

Portable & ideal for personal warmth

Micathermic Heaters

Quick heating, quiet operating & ideal for large rooms

Oil Column Heaters

Portable, quiet operating & ideal for large rooms

Panel Heaters

Compliments a heat pump, ideal for lounges, hallways & bderooms

Radiant Heaters

Ideal for personal warmth & ambience

More Ways to Keep Warm


Extract moisture from the air to make your home drier and healthier

Draught Stoppers

Draught stoppers can be used along the bottom of doors to prevent heat escaping.

Duvet Inners

One good duvet inner can replace layers of blankets and comforters, providing all the warmth you need while sleeping

Electric Blankets

Warm your bed before going to sleep

Thermal Curtains

Significantly reduces heat loss through your windows

Throw Rugs

A great way to keep cosy on the couch, as well as a quick colour update for your lounge.