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Foot Spas

If you’re looking for new ways to relax, perhaps it’s time to get your feet wet with a new foot spa from Briscoes. Treat your feet and relax with our soothing range of foot spas today. 

Take a load off your feet with a rejuvenating foot spa 

After a long day, it’s highly likely that your feet will feel tired and overworked. But what are the odds that somebody is willing to take off your socks and give your feet a nice long massage? Pretty low, right? 

Indulge in a warm and bubbly foot spa from Briscoes and you can dip your toes into pure luxury every day. Hit the right spot with massage nodes and turbo bubbles. Enjoy extended soothing warmth with heat boost settings. And treat your hard-working feet with pampering pedicure attachments. Our foot spas have everything you need to revitalise your tired feet. 

Enjoy foot spas from New Zealand-loved brands. 

We stock foot spas from top wellness brands like Homedics, innovators of so many self-care products that are loved by New Zealanders. You can also check out their other items within our personal care range, including massagers, diffusers, and accessories.  

 Purchase your next foot spa from your iconic brand Briscoes, home to some of the best personal grooming products and homewares in New Zealand. Shop in-store or online in confidence with our price beat guarantee and fast shipping options.