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Satisfy all your grilling, heating and cooling needs with an amazing selection of Goldair BBQs, heaters, coolers and accessories. For affordable NZ-made products, shop the Goldair range at Briscoes now. 

Buy Goldair to experience outstanding heating and cooling products

Goldair is an ultra-reliable NZ brand that has become a household name for providing exceptional heating and cooling appliances, as well as BBQs and electrical accessories. Shop for Goldair products at Briscoes to enjoy remarkable products for any occasion and any season. 

Browse Goldair heating appliances to enjoy a range of heaters, including Goldair ceramic fan heaters, radiant heaters, fan heaters, oil heaters, convector heaters, and one of the largest selections of Goldair wall heaters in NZ, like the famous Goldair 1500w panel heater.

For those scorching summer days, turn to Goldair cooling products that are designed to keep you cool and refreshed. Goldair has an innovative, stylish and functional range of pedestal fans, desk fans and box fans. 

Enjoy time with your loved ones with a Goldair BBQ

Goldair BBQs are built for year-round grilling with friends and family. We stock an outstanding range of standard backyard Goldair BBQs, as well as portable Goldair BBQs for camping trips. We also have universal rotisserie attachments for making moist and succulent meats in the comfort of your own backyard. 

Shop with us today and worry about the bill another day with our buy now, pay later options.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about Goldair. 

Are Goldair products any good?

We think so! For just about 40 years, the brand Goldair has been providing top-quality products to help people live more comfortable lives in their homes. 

Where is Goldair manufactured?

Although Goldair is based in New Zealand, roughly 80% of Goldair products are made in China. CDB is the owner of Goldair, and they are the biggest New Zealand company for distributing and importing heating and electrical products.