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Chair Pads 

Comfy outdoor furniture starts with proper padding. If your current outdoor chairs don’t have padding, investing in chair pads can be a great idea. The small cushions are not only comfortable but are also durable to be used outside.

Be bold or subtle with your chair pads

No matter what the goal is for your decor, we’ve got a chair pad to contrast with your current outdoor furniture table and chairs. Go bold with bright and colourful patterns, or take a subtle approach with single-coloured options. At Briscoes, we have a range of chair pads in different sizes from leading brands, including Outdoor Creations. 

Make your existing outdoor chairs more comfortable

Especially if you’re sitting on your outdoor chairs for long periods, it can begin to feel uncomfortable after a while. The range of chair pads available at Briscoes is designed with comfort in mind. Choose from options that are created with durable polyester fabric and polyester fibre-fill. Shop our range of chair pads online now with confidence, thanks to our price promise guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about chair pads. 

What is the best cushion for a chair? 

The optimal cushion for an outdoor chair is usually a bit different than the type of cushion you’d purchase for inside use. When looking for a chair pad for outdoor use, you want the fabric to be as durable as possible while still being comfortable. Strong polyester is often one of the best options. 

What is the best foam padding? 

For outside use, you want the foam padding inside your chair pad to be durable and long-lasting. At Briscoes, our chair pads are often filled with resilient polyester fibre fill.