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At Briscoes, we have a great selection of cookware for you to work with. Whether you’re looking for something more universal like a cast iron pan, saute pan, cast iron casserole dish, or something more specific. Our extensive range also features more unique items like lasagne pans for that recipe you’re dying to try out or a flat pancake pan. 

No matter how many mouths you need to feed, we have the cookware to help you whip up delicious feasts for all. Our extensive range also has differing temperature limits for the cookware, depending on the cooking temperatures you’ll be using it for. 

We have cookware options in an array of durable, high-quality materials to suit every home chef. Whether you want non-stick frying pan options, glassware or stoneware, we have you covered at Briscoes.

High-grade cast iron cookware

Want to try a new recipe, but your current cookware just isn’t cutting it? Simply want to invest in your own casserole dish or roasting pan? No matter the reason, browse our range of high-grade cast iron cookware and find your cooking needs in one place at Briscoes. 

Choose from leading cookware brands

At Briscoes, we specialise in kitchenware, cookware and homewares from high-quality brands such as Simon Gault and KitchenAid. Complement your cast iron pans and cookware with an attractive apron and some ever-useful oven mitts

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about cookware.  

Which brand is best for cookware?

If you asked 100 people which cookware brand they think is best, chances are you’ll receive many different answers. The best brand of cookware will ultimately depend on your cooking style. Some fantastic brands include Jamie Oliver and Kitchenaid cookware.

What kind of cookware is best for everyday use?

When choosing cookware for everyday use, you want to choose a durable option. Cast iron pans and roasting pans are great options. Non-stick cookware is also a popular choice and can save you time doing the dishes!