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    Galaxy 400gsm Microfibre Pillow

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    Eco-Bed Health Pillow

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      Bamboo Pillows

      Looking to change up your pillows? Keen to upgrade your existing bamboo pillows? Experience the difference a good night’s sleep can make with these popular, soft and high quality bamboo pillows at Briscoes.

      Why get bamboo pillows in NZ?

      Bamboo pillows are made using bamboo fibres, which are processed and made into a viscous-like substance that is woven to create a uniquely soft pillow casing. Typically other natural or synthetic threads are used to fill the pillow, commonly memory foam. 

      This combination of this bamboo casing with luxurious, carefully thought out fills create a luxurious sleeping surface for your head, and offer a huge range of benefits for all types of sleeper. 

      Firstly, the natural fibres in bamboo pillows provide superior breathability, providing invaluable cooling properties. Bamboo is also highly absorbent, beneficial for a cooler night’s sleep. What’s more, bamboo is naturally sustainable so it’s good for the environment, plus it’s so strong, meaning these pillows are sure to last.

      Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic too, which makes these bamboo pillows ideal for anyone with skin sensitivities and allergies, especially as our range offers such softness against sensitive skin. 

      Add a touch of luxury to your bed with top bamboo pillows in NZ

      Browse the latest memory foam pillows, latex pillows and other popular pillows from leading brands in bedding at Briscoes, your home for all things homewares. Or shop our luxurious bamboo pillows now and get peace of mind with our free returns policy, fast shipping and price beat guarantee.