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How To Unbox Your Bed

From box to bed in minutes! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to unbox your mattress.

Serta Buying Guide

Like Kiwifruit and Pavlova the Serta Perfect Sleeper system has been designed to go together (although they’re still pretty amazing by themselves).


All your questions answered! From how to unpack your bed in a box to how to care for your mattress long-term.


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NEW: Serta Sleeper Range

Get the night’s sleep that you deserve with Serta beds NZ. At Briscoes, we’re proud to supply the award-winning Perfect Sleeper range, featuring box mattresses that are popular across the globe.

Experience the benefits of Serta sleep products

A Serta mattress in a box provides unparalleled comfort and convenience, going from box to bed in a matter of minutes. Serta beds in NZ feature a range of benefits, including the perfect support core, so you don’t disturb your partner, along with FeelGood Knit Fabric and Serta-fied Foam for a luxurious feel. 

Once you’ve chosen your Serta box mattress, complete your sleep set-up with some of the most comfortable pillows in NZ. The Serta Perfect Sleeper pillows are made using advanced moulded memory foam that offers breathability, temperature control and fantastic ventilation. For more pillow advice, check out our guide to choosing the perfect pillow.

Choose a New Zealand made mattress in a box

If you want to support local, it’s hard to look past Serta box mattresses. All Serta beds are made in New Zealand. In fact, Serta is proud of its commitment to sustainability in Aotearoa. All foam cut-offs from the manufacturing process are reused for carpet underlay. The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress in a box also comes completely free of plastic packaging.  

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about our Serta Sleeper range. 

Are the mattresses in a box good?

We certainly think so! The Serta Sleeper Sleeper range is designed for how kiwis sleep. Not too firm, not too soft. 

How long does a Serta Perfect Sleeper last?

Given the quality of the materials that go into Serta products, you can expect your Serta box mattress to last eight to ten years if looked after well. For mattress care tips, read our guide on how to protect your mattress