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Check out our destination for how-to's, trends and inspiration. From how to choose the perfect Duvet Inner, to our Coffee Machine guide, we have you covered. Keep up to date with seasonal trends, top tips, and decorating advice with our carefully curated edits.



Manchester Buying Guides

With many fabrics, fills, colors and patterns available, how do you pick one that suits your sleep preferences and personal style? Here you'll find all you need to know about choosing the right bedding essentials for you.


Protecting your Mattress

Extend the life of your mattress by using a protector, topper or underlay. These bedding essentials work to keep your mattress clean, & protect from moisture.

Picking the best Duvet Inner

Our range explained. Find the duvet fill that's best for you. From trans-seasonal layering, to winter specific. Add warmth, or stay cool with our wide range.

Sheets Buying Guide

The right set of sheets can make a huge difference to how your bed feels and to your quality of sleep. With a little bit of know-how, you can find what suits you.

Pillows Buying Guide

Are you a side, back or tummy sleeper? Find the perfect pillow to suit your sleeping style. Discover our range of fills and shapes that will aid your sleep and stop those restless nights.

Picking the best Towels

Add comfort and colour to your bathroom with the perfect towel set. Learn about what makes our towels absorbent, and find the best for you. Update for the seasons or pick something long-lasting.

Electrical Buying Guides

Discover the perfect heater for every room, and the smartest in-home connection. Here is your guide to innovative and efficient heating for the winter ahead. 


Electric Blanket Buying Guide

Getting into a warm bed on a cold night is one of lifes luxuries! We've compiled a list of useful tips to help your electric blanket last and ensure you are using it safely. Check out our wide range of types and sizes.

Heater Buying Guide

With a wide range of heaters to choose from, it is important to know few things that will help you find the perfect one for your space. Our guide shows you how to compare our range.

Coffee Machine Buying Guide

We know that a great morning coffee makes all the difference to your day! Find the best coffee machine for you, with our guide. Break down the different types of machines, the amount of effort required and compare our range.

Inspiration Lives Here

Keep up to-date with seasonal trends, colourways and must-haves with our range of carefully curated edits. We make it easy to get the looks you love with our lookbooks, and top styling-tips.


Spring Refresh

With Springs quick arrival, and circumstances having us indoors, it is the perfect time to hit refresh on the home. With subtle rearranging, and adding pops of colour and new scents, you'll have your home feeling like new again! Check out our tips to get you started.

The Sleep Shop

Tailor your bedding to your sleep-style and create the perfect combination of bedding essentials. From trans-seasonal layering, and the perfect duvet cover to curtains, lighting and scented pillows. All of these are ingredients to form the perfect sleep.

A Guide for First Home Buyers

Moving into your first home is an exciting milestone! Goodbye are the days of Landlords and not being able to put nails into the walls. Knowing how to decorate whilst still being on a budget - can be hard. Check out our guide to help you get started.

Responsible Edit

Bring earth day into everyday with Briscoes. Loving the planet from each room in your house. Consider eco-friendly alternatives that are great for your home and great for the earth. Let us introduce you to our wide range of brands and products.

The Block NZ

Recreate the looks of The Block NZ at Briscoes. Check out our inspired home-styling ideas, from refreshing the master bedroom like Meg & Dan, to creating a cosy living room with new rugs and throws like Connie & Rach. We have all you need to get started!

Winter Lookbook

Come home to Briscoes this winter. This lookbook is your guide to innovative and efficient heating, trending colour palettes and winter weight linens. Transform your space into a cozy haven with just a few of our winter decorating tips.