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Chopping Boards & Mats

Chopping boards

Every home needs the right set of chopping boards to make cooking simple and easy. What are you waiting for? Explore the fabulous array of chopping boards at Briscoes now. 

Shop stylish, functional wooden and plastic chopping boards in NZ

Our selection of chopping boards are incredibly versatile, making them ideal for all your cooking needs. From speedy and efficient food preparation to stylish serving trays for entertaining at home, the chopping boards at Briscoes have got you totally sorted. 

You will have no trouble finding the perfect chopping board. That’s because our premium assortment comes in many sizes to match your cooking style and scale, and are made from a variety of highly durable, top-quality materials. 

Choose an ever-popular, solid wooden chopping board, opt for our eco-friendly bamboo chopping boards, choose a trusty plastic chopping board, or get your hands on our flexible plastic chopping boards, which are an absolute must-have for preparing meat.

Browse quality chopping boards in NZ at Briscoes

Whether you are investing in your first chopping board or looking to add to your existing collection, you cannot go wrong with these chopping boards at Briscoes. All from iconic brands, they have been made to last and so they’re easy to clean. 

Briscoes is your one-stop shop for quality homewares in NZ. Check out our other kitchenware and kitchen utensils today. And always shop with confidence thanks to our price-beat guarantee and fast shipping options.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about chopping boards and mats.

What is the most hygienic chopping board?

If cleaned regularly and adequately, all of the chopping boards at Briscoes are hygienic. Technically speaking, hardwoods are often seen as better at preventing bacteria. This can make a wooden chopping board a great option.

What material is best for a cutting board?

All of the cutting boards at Briscoes use materials that are perfect for chopping, slicing and dicing food. Generally, you want a rubber chopping board, plastic chopping board or wooden chopping board, as these materials don’t damage knives and are easy to clean.