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Non Stick Bakeware

No matter what recipe you want to try, we have the tins, pans and trays for your baking needs in our popular non-stick bakeware range. These non-stick varieties are a baker’s delight because they make cooking and cleaning afterwards a breeze. Browse our non-stick bakeware at Briscoes now.

Extend your recipe rotation with non-stick bakeware in NZ

Non-stick bakeware removes the hassle of things sticking to the bottom, and is much easier to clean than, say, standard circular cake tins. Consider a springform tin, which will allow you to separate the base from the tin wall to make your life easier.

Other great options in our latest range include flexible muffin trays that you can fold and store in your cupboard more easily, carbon steel loaf sets and mini tart tins that remove food with ease, and roast pans with handy racks.

Don’t forget we have non-stick options suitable for your oven, fridge, freezer or microwave. That way, you can do exactly what you want with your baked goods. Plus we have dishwasher safe options, making cleaning up afterwards easier.

Discover sensational non-stick bakeware in NZ at Briscoes 

Why not make baking easier with a hand mixer and increase your precision in baking our kitchen scales and measuring jugs

At Briscoes, we specialise in kitchen appliances and goods from high quality brands such as KitchenAid, Wiltshire or Hampton & Mason. Browse non-stick bakeware range and enjoy our fast shipping options and our price guarantee.