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To create a more relaxing ambience in your home, enjoy fabulous fragrances, soothing hand creams, nourishing hand lotions, delightful diffusers and aromatic candles from the L’Essence range at Briscoes. 

Enjoy revitalising scents with L’Essence

The L’Essence decorating and accessories range at Briscoes is full of delightfully scented products that bring a tranquil and warm feel to any living space. They’ll transform you to another place and boost your mood while providing cleansing benefits. 

With refreshing botanical fragrances like lavender, peony, rose, patchouli and amber, L’Essence can create the feeling of being in a beautiful spring garden, right in the comfort of your own home. 

Browse the L’Essence collection at Briscoes to uplift the atmosphere in your home with aromatic candles and diffusers. Dazzle your guests with beautifully perfumed L’Essence soaps, handwashes and hand creams. You can also enjoy a well-earned spa day with L’Essence’s rejuvenating bath salts. 

Give the gift of L’Essence at Briscoes 

For great gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, L’Essence products are perfect for treating your loved ones. L’Essence even allows you to give gorgeously packaged gift sets that are perfect for pampering your family and friends. 

Briscoes is an iconic and trusted NZ brand that offers you quality homewares at reasonable prices. Shop Briscoes for L’Essence products and enjoy our buy now, pay later options and our price beat guarantee. Choose your favourites online now to enjoy fast shipping and free returns.