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Oil heaters

Briscoes oil heaters & column heaters

Oil heaters are one of the most cost-efficient ways to heat up rooms of any size. Using electricity to heat up oil reserves inside their columns, they are both safe and energy efficient. Check out our oil column heaters from brands like DeLonghi oil heaters and Goldair oil heaters and discover Oil fin heaters, 11 fin digital oil heaters, 3 fin oil heaters and much more.

Use an oil heater to save money and the planet

Oil heaters are the perfect way to protect the environment and your wallet, while heating a room of any size. They safely heat oil to the desired temperature and then shut off, cutting down energy usage. With its energy efficiency and low upfront cost, you’ll have extra money for more cosy items – like our warm blankets and comforters

Oil heaters are also extremely quiet and very safe to use. Without exposed hot elements, an oil heater is much less likely to start a fire; rest assured, they are still equipped with safety tilt switches and automated timers to give you more peace of mind.

Oil heaters from New Zealand brands for New Zealanders

It’s easy to see why oil heaters are some of the most power-efficient heaters. With great New Zealand brands like Goldair and DeLonghi oil heaters to choose from, you can relax safe in the knowledge that our oil heaters are created with quality in mind. 

Briscoes continues to be an iconic New Zealand brand, providing shoppers with competitively priced, quality heaters and homeware essentials. With our price beat guarantee and fast shipping options, you can purchase one of our oil heaters or other heating solutions with confidence today.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about oil heaters and column heaters. 

Do oil heaters use a lot of energy?

Oil heaters are a great option for use over long periods of time. Once they’re up and running, they’re often more efficient than other options. 

Which is the best oil heater for home?

This will depend on your budget, preference and size of the space you plan to heat. At Briscoes, we stock leading brands like Goldair and DeLonghi. Whether you’re after an oil heater for a baby room or an oil heater with a timer in NZ, we’ve got you covered.