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Sheer curtains 

Sheer curtains offer something truly unique in that they provide privacy whilst still letting light into your home. These elegant curtains are a fantastic option for summer partnered with French doors. There’s nothing better than relaxing with a good book as the cool breeze drifts in and makes your sheer curtains dance. We've got you sorted at Briscoes, whether you’re after living room sheer curtains or sheer curtains for your bedroom. Shop online with fast delivery right to your door. 

Frequently asked questions 

Your commonly asked questions about sheer curtains. 

What is the point of sheer curtains? 

Although they may not block out light completely, sheer curtains are fantastic for indoor-outdoor flow. They are stunning to look at, given their texture and how they move and float in the breeze. They can also help to protect your privacy while letting in light and filtering out some of the harsher sun which can damage and fade furnishings.