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Recipe of the Week

Always allow your steak to approach room-temperature prior to cooking. 
If you season your steaks with salt to early before cooking your steaks will begin to cure and begin to leech out their natural tasty juices. So season with salt and pepper just before cooking.

It is very important when you are cooking meat that you sear all sides of the meat.

I suggest searing your eye fillet steaks on a medium-high hot skillet, pan or grill before transferring to your pre-heated oven 195°C (385°F). Make sure it is preheated. In the summer I sear them over a charcoal grill or BBQ grill.

You can test the doneness of meat with your fingertip or a temperature thermometer, I recommend a Thermapen

The steaks I have used are Eye fillet steaks which are cut from the center of a whole eye fillet. The eye fillet sits beneath the ribs next to the back bone and does very little work, ultimately making it an incredibly tender cut. Eye fillet, is also known as fillet steak, beef fillet and beef tenderloin.

Internal temperature to remove the meat from the oven:
BLUE 38°C (100°F) Feels soft and squishy
RARE 60°C (140°F) Soft to touch
MEDIUM RARE 65°C (150°F) Yields only slightly to the touch, beginning to firm up
MEDIUM 65°-70°C (150°F-158°F) Yields only slightly to the touch, beginning to firm up
MEDIUM WELL DONE 70°C (158°F) Firm to touch
WELL DONE 75°C (167°F) firm - hard to touch

Remember that the steak will continue to cook after it’s removed from the oven and the internal temperature will rise about 5 to 8 degrees Celsius in the first few minutes it’s out of the oven.

My key tips for the perfect steak:

1. Always allow your steak to reach room temperature before cooking
2. Brush both sides of your steak with Extra Virgin Olive Oil before cooking
3. After oiling season with salt and pepper just prior to cooking
4. After cooking always rest your meat in a warm place for at least five minutes before serving


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