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Canvas & Tote Bags

Plastic bags are so last decade! That’s why, at Briscoes, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of bags and luggage, including our fantastic canvas and tote bags. Whether heading to the supermarket or running errands, a canvas tote bag will help. 

Take what you need from A to B

Unfortunately, you can’t fit all your groceries into your handbag or backpack. A Tote bag or canvas bag is sturdy and durable for general day to day carrying. As well as being extremely practical, our tote bags are also stunning. Each tote bag or canvas tote bag has a unique design that will add a touch of colour to even the most menial tasks. 

Prepare for big trips with Briscoes

If you’re heading further afield than just your local, you’ll need a bigger bag or luggage option. We’ve got you covered at Briscoes with a huge selection of suitcases and other luggage items. For weekends away, get yourself a grip bag or messenger bag. Or, if you’re planning to exercise, our sports bags can help you out. Shop online and get fast delivery right to your door

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about canvas and tote bags. 

Why are canvas tote bags popular?

Canvas tote bags are very versatile. Especially now that single use plastic bags are frowned upon, canvas tote bags are very popular. These bags also come in a range of creative designs. 

What is the difference between a canvas bag and a tote bag?

In New Zealand, we often call both canvas bags and tote bags the same thing. In saying that, canvas bags are made from canvas. Some tote bags feature cotton and other fabrics.