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    Goldair Radiant Heater GSIR300

    Was $119.99
    Now $49.99

      Outdoor & Indoor Radiant Heaters

      Feel toasty in an instant with the radiant heater technology from Briscoes. Get yourself warmed up fast with these effective radiant heaters that are designed for personal warmth. Check out our Goldair radiant heater now! Feel the warmth inside or outside the house with our indoor radiant heaters and outdoor radiant heaters!

      Experience instant sun-like warmth with a radiant heater

      Using reflective heating technology, our radiant heaters heat up people and objects instead of the air. The quartz or halogen tubes inside a radiant heater generate a heat that is similar to the solar heat that warms the earth. This gives off a natural infrared heat that warms you up when you’re right in front of it.  

      Perfect for personal heating and drafty environments, our user-friendly radiant heaters are portable and safe. With safety cut-outs and tip-over switches, you can feel cosier knowing that you are both warm and secure. 

      Buy a radiant heater from New Zealand brands you can rely on

      Our heater collection includes a range of radiant heaters from Goldair, one of New Zealand’s hottest brands. If radiant heating isn’t what you’re looking for to stay warm this winter, we also stock a range of other heating solutions, including ceramic heaters, panel heaters, oil heaters, micathermic heaters and many more. 

      Briscoes is also a trusted and iconic New Zealand brand that assists shoppers in finding quality heaters and other heating solutions at competitive prices. With our price beat guarantee and fast shipping options, it’s simple to get a new radiant heater today with confidence.