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Grip Bags

Sometimes called duffle bags or cabin bags, a grip bag is a multipurpose option to help you to get your belongings from A to B. Whether you’re flying domestically, internationally, or just heading away on a road trip, a grip bag can help.

Take what you need on the road

At Briscoes, we have a range of some of the best travel bags in NZ. This includes our selection of grip bags and duffle bags. Our grip bags come in many colours and styles, including large duffle bags that are perfect as a cabin bag for longer trips. Many of our grip bags are made from durable nylon and polyester, so you know that your new bag won’t let you down. 

Be prepared for any trip with Briscoes

No matter the occasion, we have a bag or luggage option for you at Brisoces. If you’re heading overseas, view our range of suitcases. To ensure you have a good workout you’ll always want a durable sports bag. Or, for day to day use, why not upgrade your handbag or wallet? Either shop in store at your nearest branch. Or, shop online with confidence, thanks to our price promise

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about grip bags. 

What are grip bags made of?

Grip bags and duffle bags are made from many different materials. Whichever option you choose at Briscoes, you can rest assured that it’s made from quality and durable materials, like polyester. 

How do you break in a grip bag?

With some new grip bags or duffle bags, it can be good to wear them in to strengthen any inserts. This can help your grip bag to carry a heavier weight. When you’re not using your grip bag, hang it up to wear it in.