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Memory Foam Pillows

Sleep well with Memory Foam Pillows

Tired of waking up in the morning with a stiff neck or sore muscles? Simply keen to upgrade your dirty old pillow for a much more comfy, supportive replacement? Lay your head down the right way with one of these fabulous memory foam pillows from Briscoes.

Why choose a memory foam pillow?

Because memory foam pillows contour to the shape of your head and neck, weight is evenly distributed around the pillow. This allows your head to remain in a comfortable and stable position while you sleep without it sinking in too deeply as it would in a regular pillow. Because of this, you should definitely consider memory foam pillows if you require a pillow for neck pain. 

The ability to contour and support makes memory foam pillows ideal for people with pressure points in their neck, shoulders and back. Its conforming nature cradles your neck, sparing it from awkward turns and allowing your muscles to fully relax for a more restful sleep. Supporting the neck means the spine can also follow suit. If you’re not sure if this type of pillow is right for you, check out our pillow buying guide for more information. 

Explore the latest memory foam pillows at Briscoes

By distributing weight evenly and moulding to the shape of your body, memory foam pillows are considered great pillows for side sleepers. In fact, they should suit virtually all sleepers, allowing you to settle in comfortably into the pillow and letting your body relax properly – giving it the opportunity to heal and regenerate whilst you sleep.

Our latest selection features advanced, high-ventilation memory foam for exceptional softness and support that lasts. These pillows also sport other great features like luxury zip-off washable covers in brilliant bamboo and polyester blends, natural dust mite treatment and much more. Shop our latest brands including Alistair's, Galaxy and Serta

Have sweeter dreams with these delightful memory foam pillows. As a longstanding, iconic Kiwi brand, you can shop for all types of pillows, including bamboo pillows and down feather pillows. Shop confidently at Briscoes and enjoy our fast shipping and price beat guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about memory foam pillows answered.

Are memory foam pillows good for you?

Memory foam pillows are super good for you, especially if you have underlying issues of neck, shoulder or back pain. This because the memory foam material provides an extra layer of support that helps your muscles to fully relax and heal. 

Is memory foam better than down?

The pillow that will suit you best is highly dependent on your personal needs. Memory foam might be a better choice for those looking for enhanced support for their neck, shoulders and back. Whereas down pillows are a great choice for those who love nothing more than a soft, plush surface to rest their head.