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Panasonic, a beacon of innovation and reliability for a century, graces the world with cutting-edge technology. They've pioneered home appliances and personal care products. Their commitment extends to business solutions, from network switches to security systems, catering to diverse needs. Panasonic thrives as a true companion, enhancing everyday living through technological excellence.



Enjoy a higher standard of living with electronics from Panasonic, a pioneering company that aims to make your life easier. Shop the Panasonic range at Briscoes to enjoy quality technology from a market-leading brand. 

Make life simpler with cutting-edge technology from Panasonic 

Panasonic was founded in 1918 in Japan, and has been providing customers with innovative electronics technology ever since. Panasonic focuses on creating products that will enrich the lives of their customers by simplifying everyday tasks and promoting comfort. 

Browse Panasonic kitchen appliances at Briscoes to enjoy quality kitchen technology that makes cooking easy. This is evidenced by their microwaves and benchtop ovens, which employ clever technology to ensure even cooking every time. 


Upgrade your cleaning with Panasonic vacuums. They’re classically designed, easy-to-use and built to make cleaning an enjoyable task. And don’t forget to keep your power reserves stocked up with batteries from our Panasonic audio visual range. 

Shop Panasonic in NZ for leading household products at Briscoes

Panasonic has been in business for over 100 years so it’s no wonder that it remains a fan favourite brand throughout NZ and the rest of the world. Shop Panasonic today and enjoy outstanding household technology that is built for your comfort. 

Buy Panasonic products with Briscoes, your trusted, iconic Kiwi brand that offers quality homewares at affordable prices. Shopping with Briscoes also means supporting a brand that proudly supports Kiwi charity Cure Kids.