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Micathermic Heaters

Briscoes micathermic heaters

Convection heating meets reflective heating to create micathermic heaters that effectively heat up the air and surfaces in medium to large rooms. For the eco-friendly shopper, these cutting-edge heating appliances are perfect for warming up larger areas quicker. 

Discover the best Micathermic Heaters in New Zealand, from Goldair Micathermic Heaters to other heating solutions at Briscoes. When it comes to micathermic heaters with thermostats, we have many options!

Save on energy and money with an amazing micathermic heater

Ideal for the environmentally conscious, micathermic heaters save energy by rapidly heating a room up, then lowering energy when the desired temperature is reached. With double-side heating, your larger rooms will become comfortable quicker – micathermic heaters are one of the most power-efficient heaters on the market.

These user-friendly heaters are as efficient in space as they are in energy. Fixed with wheels and carry handles, they are easily transported for easy placement throughout your home. Micathermic heaters also function quietly - so you don’t have to waste energy on raising your voice either. 

Feel warm knowing your micathermic heater is from a trusted New Zealand brand

Our micathermic heater range includes heaters from Goldair, a proud and reliable New Zealand brand. If micathermic heaters aren’t your cup of tea, you can always check out our selection of convector heaters, fan heaters, radiant heaters, ceramic heaters, panel heaters, and oil heaters

Briscoes has been providing New Zealanders with competitively priced, quality homewares for decades. Browse micathermic heaters today and take advantage of our price beat guarantee and fast shipping options.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about micathermic heaters.

Are micathermic heaters energy efficient?

Using an electrical resistor to emit gentle and harmless rays into the room, a micathermic heater features incredible energy-efficient technology. Celsius micathermic heaters are also easy to operate to your preference.

Are micathermic heaters healthy?

In short, yes. The rays that are emitted into your room are harmless and provide a nice and comfortable type of heat. Given that a fan isn’t pushing warm air in most cases, a micathermic heater is a great option for those with allergies.