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Tea & Coffee Accessories

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to avoid little accidents in the kitchen. Especially with glassware. Shop at Briscoes for a range of coffee and tea utensils that can save you money by replacing the breakable parts, instead of the entire product. 

Replace your broken parts with tea and coffee accessories

During clean-up, or in the case of slippery fingers, it’s easy to fumble and drop breakable items. Our coffee and tea utensil range includes replacement glass inserts for your coffee plungers so that you don’t have to waste money buying an entire new one.  

The replacement glass inserts in our coffee and tea utensil range cost just a fraction of the cost of replacement plunger. They come in sizes ranging from the 3 cup models to the 8 cup models, so that you can replace your coffee plunger parts of various sizes. 

Shop for coffee and tea utensils from amazing brands

Our coffee and tea utensil range includes coffee plunger replacement glass inserts from big brands like Bodum. Be sure to check out other supreme quality tea and coffee products from Bodum and other household name brands, including coffee plungers and mugs

Shop for tea and coffee accessories at Briscoes, and iconic NZ brand that provides shoppers with reasonably priced, quality homewares. Shop online to enjoy fast shipping and free returns, or Click & Collect from your nearest Briscoes store.