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Getting into a warm bed on a cold night is one of life’s little luxuries. To help you enjoy your electric blanket safely, we’ve pulled together these important safety tips. Please take a moment to read through them.

Our Four Top Tips

1. Fitting your electric blanket

Make sure it’s laid flat on the bed and tightly secured.

Check that the controls aren’t twisted or caught between the mattress and base.

2. Using your electric blanket

Always turn off your electric blanket when you get into bed.

Regularly check that your electric blanket is laid flat and isn’t bunched up.

Regularly check that the controls aren’t twisted or caught between the mattress and base.

Never place any heavy objects on your bed when the electric blanket is on.

3. Do not use an electric blanket with:

Infants & very small children

Anyone who is immobile or cannot operate the controls properly

Anyone who cannot understand the operating directions

Adjustable beds, Murphy beds, pull-out sofas, or reclining chairs where the electrical cords may become caught in the mechanisms

Keep pets away from electric blankets, sharp claws or teeth may puncture the wire insulation or damage the wiring itself.

4. Care & maintenance

Have your electric blankets tested annually by a qualified electrician. Worn and old electric blankets can cause electric shock and fire.

Never iron your electric blanket. Ironing may melt the heating wire insulation.

Never dry clean or use cleaning fluid on your electric blanket. Dry cleaning solvents may damage the heater wire insulation.


Did you know?

You should never fold an electric blanket to store it

Instead, you should roll it

Follow these steps to store an electric blanket:

  1. Unplug the controls from the wall (and from the blanket if applicable).
  2. Check the blanket for any unusual things such as exposed wiring, scorched fabric, connector not well secured to the fabric, etc.
  3. Check the controls and cords for any unusual things such as cracks in the plastic, any darkened areas, any cuts or crimped areas in the insulation.
  4. Loosely wrap the cord(s) either around the controls or in a separate loose coil. You may wish to bag the controls separately. If you do, keep the cord loose and be sure not to pinch the cord or put severe strain on it.
  5. Roll up the blanket gently, being careful not to put heater wires into a sharp, hard fold.
  6. Put the bedding and controls together in a large plastic bag and seal the bag (e.g. with a twist tie).
  7. Store the bag in a place that is rodent free until you need the bedding again.
  8. When you put it back into use, ensure that the blanket or pad connectors are connected tightly. Insecure connections may cause safety and reliability problems, like overheating or controller failure.