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Buying Guide: Electric Blankets


Getting into a warm bed is one of those luxuries on a cold winter’s night that you can always get excited about. It’s one thing to pile up blankets for winter but another to enjoy the convenience of electric blankets. If you thought all electric blankets in NZ were the same, you’d be mistaken. There are so many different options when it comes to heating your bed. At Briscoes, we stock electric blankets in different sizes, including electric blankets for king single beds, electric blankets for double beds and more. Choose from top brands, including Sunbeam electric blankets. 

With so much to choose from, it can cause the issue of being spoilt for choice. And you may also be asking yourself whether you should use electric blankets or just heaters in your room? Which electric blanket is best to buy? And, what makes an electric throw different to an electric blanket? Thankfully, at Briscoes, we’re experts in winter heating and we’re here to help.. This buying guide will cover everything you need to know to buy the perfect option for your bed. We’ll also touch on some safety tips along the way. Here are the main points: 

The benefits of having an electric blanket

Electric blanket safety tips

How to choose which electric blanket is best for you

The different types of electric blanket

The range of electric blankets at Briscoes

Let’s get into it!

The benefits of having an electric blanket

Sick of getting into a cold bed in winter and shivering until you warm up? An electric blanket is one simple way to change that. Not only does it feel nice to get into a warm toasty bed, but an electric blanket can actually have more benefits than you think. Sure, upgrading your winter bedding with a thicker duvet or mink blankets is great. But, choosing an electric throw or electric blanket that provides its own heat and doesn’t just act as an insulator can work wonders. 

Helping with aches and pains

There’s nothing worse than aches and pains keeping you awake at night. Your bed should be a place of absolute comfort! It’s often said that the heat receptors in your body help to block the chemical signals that tell your brain you’re feeling pain. What this means is that a heated throw or blanket that’s electric may help with general soreness, cramps and aching muscles when you finally rest your body after a long day. Another potential health benefit is that the heat from your blanket may also help increase circulation. This can be great for recovery if you’ve been working out during the day, or struggle with poor circulation in winter




Improved Sleep

When your bed is too cold, or too hot for that matter, it can greatly affect the quality of your sleep. Experiencing a proper sleep cycle is a complicated but essential process. Interruptions from the temperature of your bed do not help one bit. You may overcompensate with extra blankets without an electric blanket when you first get into bed. Then, you may feel too hot in the middle of the night and wake up unintentionally. Getting your bed up to a comfortable temperature before you hit the hay can work wonders. And, as we know, good sleep can mean a better mood and overall health


Cost-effective heating

The old power bill seems to get more and more expensive these days. Thankfully, in modern times the technology of electric blankets and electric throws have come leaps and bounds. This means that electric blankets today are often very energy efficient to run. If you’re weighing up using an electric blanket or heater, it’s sometimes cheaper to heat your bed instead of the whole room before hitting the sheets. 

Electric blanket safety tips

Electric blankets are safer to use than other heaters for rooms and general heating options. However, you do need to take electric blanket safety seriously. Here are essential electric blanket safety tips to ensure you don’t encounter any issues or cause a fire. 

1. Fitting your electric blanket

Our first tip for safety around electric blankets is ensuring it’s fitted correctly from the get-go. It doesn’t matter whether you have electric blankets for king single, electric blankets for double or electric blankets for queen size beds; you need to ensure everything is the right size and sitting properly. When you first get your electric blanket for winter, lay it out flat on the bed and tightly secure it. You’ll also want to check that the controls aren’t twisted or caught between the mattress and base. All of this will ensure there is no clumping so you can enjoy even heat distribution.

2. Using your electric blanket

When it comes to using your electric blanket to heat your bed, safety needs to remain the top priority. Most people want to switch their electric blanket on about 30 to 60 minutes before they plan to get into bed. That way, their blankets are heated but not too hot. Once you’ve turned your electric blanket on, it’s a good idea to regularly check that it’s laid flat and not bunched or twisted. And, never place heavy objects on your bed once it’s heating. Then, as soon as you get into your cosy bed, turn off your electric blanket. Electric blankets are safe, but they can be dangerous if not used correctly. 

3. When not to use your electric blanket

We love electric blankets for winter and heated throws, but these items aren’t for everyone. Before looking for electric blankets in NZ, think about who will be using them. It may not be a good idea if they’re either:

  • An infant
  • A very small child
  • Someone immobile
  • Sleeping in an adjustable bed
  • Sleeping in a Murphy bed
  • Sleeping on a pull-out sofa

As well as that, it’s not a good idea to use an electric blanket or heated throw anywhere the electrical cords may be caught. 

4. Caring for your electric blanket

As with any electrical item that gets heavy use or heats up, getting your electric blankets, throws and other electric heaters for rooms checked regularly is good practice. Testing annually by a qualified electrician will ensure there aren’t any faults in the product.

4. Clean your electric blanket cautiously

Like any blankets for winter or bedding, you’ll want to clean your electric blanket or heated throw from time to time if the instructions say this is suitable. Given how your electric blanket isn’t just fabric, you’ll need to maintain it in a particular way. To avoid damage, it’s best never to iron your electric blanket or heated throw. You’ll also never want to dry clean or use cleaning fluid. Always check what the product’s cleaning instructions are in the first instance. If it’s machine washable, it may be a good idea to put it in your washing machine on a gentle cycle for no more than two minutes. It’s then a good idea to air dry followed by a gentle machine dry for 15 or so minutes. That way, all the wiring will be dried sufficiently.

How to choose which electric blanket is best for you

So, now that you’ve answered the question ‘what do I need to know before buying an electric blanket?’ you may be asking, ‘how do I choose a heated blanket?’ Thankfully, at Briscoes, we have a wide variety of winter heating options and expert knowledge to help you pick the right products. Finding the best electric blanket will depend on your budget and preference. As well as that, some other considerations could impact which option is best, including: 

  • Whether it has a timer
  • Whether it has warm foot zones (extra heating in the lower part)
  • The comfort of the material
  • How easy to use the interface is
  • The type of electric blanket it is

Once you know what to look for and what it all means, you’ll be able to understand the product listings better. For some, the type of material may be essential for allergies. For others, warm foot zones may be non-negotiable. It’s really up to you. 

The different types of electric blanket

Speaking of the different types of electric blankets, here are the options available at Briscoes. Each type may feature any of the bells and whistles mentioned above.

  • Antibacterial 

Featuring an Antibacterial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould, providing a fresher, more hygienic blanket.

  • Quilted 

Provides a quilted top layer for extra comfort. This Luxury Quilted fabric is Cotton and Polyester, with a fitted design.

  • Wool 

This is 100% Australian and NZ warm Wool fabric, with a 5 minute heat up time and a fully fitted skirt style. 

  • Cotton fleece

This Heated Throw fabric has a detachable LED controller, can run for 3 hours on timer and has 3 heat settings. 

  • Micro plush fleece

This Heated Throw fabric has a detachable LED controller, can run for 12 hours on a timer and has 9 heat settings. 

  • Faux fur fleece

This Heated Throw fabric has a detachable LED controller, can run for 12 hours on a timer and has 9 heat settings. 

The leading electric blanket brands at Briscoes

At Briscoes, we’re proud to stock electric blankets and heated throws from the world's leading heating brands. With each brand, you can shop online or in-store to enjoy fast shipment to your door and our price beat promise

Sunbeam electric blankets


There’s a reason why we love Sunbeam electric blankets in NZ. The Sleep Perfect Technology continually senses and adjusts to changes in your room and body temperature to maintain your selected heat setting. Briscoes stocks three of the Sleep Perfect Sunbeam Electric Blankets with different features for each type of blanket. Compared to other brands, all Sunbeam Electric Blankets have the same kind of Sleep Technology (Sleep Perfect). This means you can purchase an antibacterial, quilted or wool fleece blanket, all with the same technology.

Goldair electric blankets


Not only are Goldair panel heaters and Goldair ceramic fan heaters popular, but their electric blankets are also top of the line. "SleepSmart" is part of the new Goldair Luxury Series, where you can control your electric blanket through a connection with your wifi or smart home. This means you can turn your blanket on from the couch before you go to bed or set up a weekly schedule for when it will automatically turn on every night. Goldair heated throws are also fantastic to take with you wherever you go. You can plug in the blanket 30 minutes before you go on a road trip, heat it up, detach the controller, and it will keep you warm in the car. 

ZIP electric blankets


ZIP is another household name in electric blankets that we supply at Briscoes. All ZIP electric blankets have new safety protection with automatic heat protection, temperature regulation and short-circuit protection. All the ZIP electric blankets come in a polyester or fleece fabric with either a tie tab around your bed or a fitted style that will fit similarly to a mattress topper. These are all available from a single size to super king, all with the same features of three adjustable heat settings with braille markings.

Ready to buy a new electric blanket?

For convenient and cost-effective heating, it’s hard to look past an electric blanket or heated throw. Now that you have a greater understanding of what makes an electric blanket tick, you’ll be able to make a smarter and safer purchasing decision. You can view our wide range of electric blankets and heated throws online or at your nearest Briscoes. For more advice to do with winter heating, read our heater buying guide.