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Winter Heating

As the days get cold and the nights get even colder, Briscoes has you covered for 24 hours of the day to ensure you stay toastie and warm during this cold Winter season. Whether you are leaving the house for work all day and want to come home to a warm home, or you're wanting to get into a warm bed at night, we can guarantee these products will fulfil those wishes!


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What is your ideal heating method? Shop through to find out more details about specific brands for each method and what is the best choice for you.


Electric Blankets



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Electric Blanket Buying Guide

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Electric Blankets

We all know that jumping into a warm bed on a cold winters night will make everyone happy! With Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Technology, all new Goldair Platinum Wifi Blankets and the wide range of ZIP Blankets, you will be able to fall asleep in a warm bed every night and wake up warm every morning by adjusting the settings to match your sleep schedule.

  • Blanket Types: With 6 main different Blanket Types including Antibacterial, Quilted, Wool, Cotton Fleece, Micro Plush Fleece and Faux Fur Fleece, you can weigh up which factors are more important to meet your needs for your ideal Electric Blanket type.

  • Our Top Tips:
  • Fit your Electric Blanket: Lay it flat on the bed and tightly secured.
  • Using your eletcric blanket: Turn off your blanket when you get into bed.
  • Do not use electric blanket with: Infants, small children or anyone who is immobile. 
  • Electric blanket care & maintenance: Have your blankets tested annually by a qualified electrician.







Deciding the best Heater for you is tricky when there are around 7 different types of heaters to choose from, along with choosing the right brand. The type of heater you choose will be dependant on whether you are heating over a long period of time or you want a small room heated at a rapid speed.