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Towel Buying Guide

First Home Buyers Guide


Hand Towels

Dry off your hands in ultimate style and comfort with these high quality hand towels from Briscoes. What are you waiting for? Discover our ultra soft collection today!

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Smaller than bath towels and bath sheets, our hand towels are a key bathroom essential. It is important you always have plenty of hand towels ready to go so you can dry your hands off with ease, without having to resort to using a bath towel. 

Hand towels are a terrific, sustainable option for the modern, environmentally conscious consumer. Since they last for a long time, rather than needing to be thrown out after a single use, hand towels are the ideal eco friendly alternative to paper towels. Perfect for you, your family and your guests alike.  

All of the hand towels available at Briscoes are extremely durable, made to last and feature unbeatable absorbency. Try them out for yourself. There’s something to suit all personal tastes and styles, including cool geometric designs and stunning colours to brighten your bathroom.

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No contemporary bathroom can be complete without the right set of hand towels to add that final finishing touch. Hand towels offer luxury and convenience wrapped up into one. 

Browse the extensive range at Briscoes to find the right hand towels to match your bathroom decor. Take full advantage of our low prices, fast shipping options and price beat guarantee.