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How To Clean A Frying Pan Like A Pro

You’ve just cooked up a brand new recipe in a frying pan that you’re really proud of. The simmering sauce makes your whole kitchen smell divine, and you can’t wait to dive in. However, as you serve it up… shock horror! Your creation has caked onto and seemingly ruined your favourite cookware. Although this may seem enough to ruin your day, don’t worry. This guide will go over popular cleaning techniques for common types of fry pans and other cookware. Whether you’re working with a forged aluminium frying pan, induction frying pan, stainless steel frying pan, or even cast iron pan, we’ve got you covered with helpful how-tos. Here’s what we’ll go over in this guide:


Why it’s important to clean your frying pans regularly

How often you should clean your frying pans

Helpful supplies for cleaning fry pans

How to clean forged aluminium, ceramic, induction and stainless steel frying pans

How to clean cast iron frying pans

The range of frying pans at Briscoes


Let’s get cleaning!

Why it’s important to clean your frying pans regularly

So, what's the big deal? Why is it that keeping your fry pan and other cookware clean is such a big part of kitchen hygiene? Sure, you don’t need to stay compliant with a code of conduct like a professional restaurant, but it’s vital that you still keep cookware cleaning top of mind. Whether a cast iron pan, frying pan with a lid or the best non-stick frying pan in NZ, you must prioritise kitchen hygiene. Reasons you need to regularly clean include:

  • Preventing nasty bacteria can build up that can make you sick
  • Avoiding ruining the non-stick coating on your fry pan
  • A dirty frying pan can make your cooking taste worse

Another pitfall to ignoring fry pan cleaning is that the longer you leave food caked on a pan, the harder it is to clean. Compare this process to how easy it is to simply clean your cookware regularly, and we know which we’d choose.