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How To Season A Cast Iron Pan

When it comes to the best non-stick frying pans in NZ, it’s hard to look past cast iron. Thankfully, you can buy frying pans made from cast iron in all shapes and sizes at Briscoes. After a big frying pan? Deep dish frying pan? Saute pan? Or are you simply looking for one of the longest-lasting non-stick frying pans on the market? Your search ends with our extensive cast iron range.

Sure, a cast iron pan is great on its own. But, the way to unlock its true powers is by seasoning it. Seasoning your cast iron pan or cookware is essential to get the best out of it. We’ve spoken to frypan pros to compile a guide with everything you need to know about seasoning cast iron. Once all is said and done, you’ll be a seasoned expert in seasoning. Here’s what we’ll cover:


The benefits of choosing cast iron

What is seasoning a pan?

Why you should season your cast iron pan

When it’s best to season your cast iron pan

A step-by-step for seasoning cast iron

The range of cast iron cookware at Briscoes


Let’s get started!


The benefits of choosing cast iron

There are plenty of reasons to choose cast iron cookware. Like a fine wine, a frying pan made of cast iron often gets better with age if looked after properly. Here are the main benefits of choosing this durable cookware for your kitchen. 


Speaking of durable, we’ll start with that. When you choose cast iron, you’re choosing a frying pan that’ll last the distance. You may see cast iron pans at garage sales. That’s because this cookware lasts for years if well seasoned and cared for. Iron itself is tough and hard-wearing compared to other alternatives.


There’s nothing worse than frying up a big meal that looks and smells amazing, only for the experience to be ruined as leftover food cakes onto the frying pan surface. Thankfully, once your cast iron pan is seasoned, it will have a sheen that makes it non-stick. This means less cooking oil or butter, which can improve your diet. 

Top tip: Most cast iron pans are chemical-free, unlike other non-stick cookware. 


Cast iron is king when cooking amazing dishes like pies, as the pan can be used on the stovetop and in the oven. This is because iron can handle nearly any temperature in the kitchen. Just be sure to wear oven mitts when you are grabbing your pan’s handle!

Simple to clean

No one likes cleaning dishes. Luckily, given that cast iron is non-stick when seasoned, you won’t need to spend hours scraping away at caked-on food. Cleaning with a specialist paste or warm water is usually all it takes for your pan to be safe and ready to use again. As always, you want to keep food hygiene top of mind. Read our guide on how to clean a frying pan like a pro for more tips. 

Added iron

You may know someone that has an iron deficiency. Maybe you do yourself. Cast iron, whether in the form of a saute pan, deep dish frying pan or frying pan with a lid could be a good option. Believe it or not, every time you cook on a cast iron pan, it adds a wee bit of iron to your food.