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Salad spinners

Wash, dry and prepare salads quickly and easily with one of the most innovative kitchen tools on the market. Browse the range of salad spinners from Briscoes and take the time and trouble out of washing your vegetables. 

Create clean, crisp, longer-lasting salads with our quality salad spinners

There’s nothing worse than a wet and soggy salad, especially when you’ve just used a bunch of paper towels trying to sop up the extra moisture. Discover the easy way to create crisp and dry salads in an instant by browsing the collection of these salad spinners in NZ from Briscoes. 

Salad spinners are the easiest and quickest way to wash and dry salads, greens, vegetables, fruits, dirty herbs, and other food items. All you have to do is fill up the salad spinner basket, rinse, and spin. Using the one-pump lever that easily enables a smooth spinning action, you’ll be able to dry off your salads so easily. 

Browse stunning value salad spinners in NZ at Briscoes

Our salad spinner collection comes from some of the best brands available, like Zyliss and Oxo salad spinners in NZ. For other great salad preparation items, you can also check out our range of colanders, chopping boards, and kitchen scales

Purchase an innovative salad spinner from Briscoes, your home to quality homewares at affordable prices that can be purchased with confidence using our price-beat guarantee and popular buy now, pay later options.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about salad spinners. 

Is it worth getting a salad spinner?

Sure, you can hand dry your vegetables after washing them. However, a salad spinner is a sure-fire way to remove any leftover dirty water quickly, leaving you with fresh and clean vegetales every time. 

What should I look for in a salad spinner?

Not all salad spinners are created equal. A good salad spinner is simple and durable. Looking up product reviews online before making a purchase can be a good idea.