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Winter Cooking

Winter is just around the corner and so is comfort food. Cosy nights in made easy with quality appliances and tasty meals. Shop our wide range of winter kitchen essentials at Briscoes, to get you through the colder months!



Winter Cooking Essentials

From a simmering slow cooker meal you can throw on before work, to a piping hot soup & crusty garlic bread - Briscoes has all your winter cooking essentials to get you through the cooler weather!


Slow Cooker

Air Fryer

Casserole Dish



Come Home to Comfort: Nothing Beats a Hearty Slow Cooker Meal

It's no secret that a Slow Cooker is an essential for every Kitchen! The low heat over a long period of time works to tenderise whilst also enhancing the flavours of whatever you're cooking. A Slow Cooker is the answer for those cold winter days where you just don't feel like cooking after a long work day. Simply throw together some ingredients in the morning before you head out and leave it cooking throughout the day. Once you're ready to eat simply whip up some mashed potato's and serve! You're sure to be a hit with everyone at your table.

  • Cook a Variety of Meals in your Slow Cooker: a slow cooker doesn't limit you to just one type of cuisine, from stews and soups, to one pot meals and casseroles, the options are endless with one thing in common... simplicity!

  • Sneak All Food Groups into a Yummy Dish: Slow cookers are renouned for their enhancement of flavour. You'll find the fussy eater of the family will have no issues eating their veggies from this dish! It's a great option for the end of the week when you have limited supplies in your pantry and fridge and want to whip up something easy and delicious!





Air Fryer's: Winter Edition

The trend that's here to stay! Air Fryers offer a shortcut in time but maintain the flavour for all your favourite meals. Start enjoying the celebrations and festivities with family and friends, rather then finding yourself stuck in the Kitchen!


  • Kitchen Essential: The crowds have spoken... if you haven't already, it's time to get yourself an Air Fryer. These are a modern day kitchen essential that you're guaranteed to love. Simply cut up your food, season and throw into you air fryer! Making a perfect one-pot dish or some tasty sides to your meal. Check out our Air Fryer Recipes for some inspiration.

  • Find the Air Fryer for You: From your classic air fryer, to dual basket style or an air oven-style, Briscoes has you covered. A dual basket air fryer offersa 2-Basket Air Fryer with DualZone™ Technology. It's the first air fryer with 2 independent baskets that lets you cook 2 foods at once, not back-to-back like a traditional single-basket air fryer.