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Good quality colanders allow you to strain and drain liquids from foods and wash your fruits and vegetables with ease. Check out our collection of long-lasting, reliable colanders at Briscoes today and make your meal preparation even easier. 

Drain, strain and wash with ease using stylish colanders

One of the most used kitchen utensils, colanders are great for draining pasta, washing vegetables, straining canned foods, and so much more. Browse our wide range to find the perfect colander to fit your cooking needs. We have colanders with non-slip handles and feet for trouble-free draining, colanders that are dishwasher-safe, as well as collapsible colanders, general-use plastic colanders or even a handy sink colander.

We also stock a range of colanders in several different colours, including silver (stainless steel), red, copper, black, and white. With such simple yet elegant colours, you’ll be able to find the right colander to fit in with the rest of your kitchenware and kitchen décor. 

Discover leading colanders and meal preparation tools at Briscoes

Our exceptional range includes colanders from some of the best kitchenware brands like Wiltshire and Maxwell & Williams. For more innovative meal preparation items from these brands and more, check out our range of kitchen scales, salad spinners, and tools & utensils now. 

Briscoes is an iconic New Zealand brand that provides you with reasonably priced, quality homewares. With our price-beat guarantee, you can purchase a new colander with confidence in-store or online. We also offer buy now, pay later options and fast shipping for your convenience.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about colanders. 

What is the difference between a sieve colander and strainer?

These two pieces of equipment are very similar. However, a strainer usually features a fine mesh, whereas a colander has bigger holes and is a solid bowl.

Why is a colander called a colander?

No one knows exactly where the word colander came from or the exact colander definition. But, the word derives from column, which is Latin for sieve.