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Kitchen Knives & Knife Accessories

Kitchen knives

Cooking and preparation are made easy with the right kitchen knife, and we’ve got a huge range to suit every chopping, cutting, slicing and dicing requirement. Whether you’re looking for a specific knife or a knife block set, you’ll find it right here at Briscoes. If you’re looking for a new knife sharpener, we also have a wide range of knife accessories. 

Find sharp kitchen knives in NZ for all your cooking needs

Discover kitchen knives for any kitchen task in our fantastic range. Peeling, dicing, slicing or chopping, we’ve got carving knives and steak knives for your meat serving needs, bread knives for your freshly made loaves of bread, utility knives and chef knives for everyday chopping and dicing, Santoku knives, and so many more. If you’re after a paring knife or steak knives, we’ve also got you covered. 

Our individual kitchen knives have been carefully chosen for their quality construction, super sharp steel blades, ergonomic handles for comfort and for their great value. They’re a joy to use for all your cooking needs, for household and professional chefs alike.

Enjoy a variety of the finest knives, and keep them organised, safe and ready to use with one of our knife block sets, which come in stylish, modern stainless steel blocks, colourful blocks that add vibrancy to your kitchen, or wooden blocks for rustic charm. 

Maintain super-sharp blade edges for longer with one of our knife sharpeners or sharpening steel knife accessories. Or discover our durable, quality steel scissors, which offer precision and accuracy for all uses around your home or office.

Browse our latest range of quality kitchen knives in NZ at Briscoes

At Briscoes, we have some of the best kitchen knives available and all your essential homewares from high-quality brands. Get your kitchen knives at Briscoes and enjoy our fast shipping, free returns and buy now, pay later options.

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about kitchen knives & knife accessories. 

What are the three most important knives in a kitchen?

This will depend on your style of cooking. However, sometimes a serrated knife, paring knife and chef’s knife or Santoku knife are seen as some of the most important to have in a kitchen. 

What knife is the most useful in the kitchen?

It’s helpful to have a range of knives in the kitchen so that you can cook and create a range of different dishes. In saying that, a chef’s knife is very versatile. Remember, it’s also important to keep your knives sharp with a knife sharpener.