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Lava Lamps

Transport yourself back in time with a groovy lava lamp from Briscoes. They’ll add some 60s charm to your home décor with some hypnotising lights and vibrant colours. 

Stay cool with hot lava lamps that never go out of style 

Wow your visitors with the vintage style of a vibrant, psychedelic lava lamp. Lava lamps use a vividly coloured wax mixed with translucent liquid and heat to create a vibrant spectacle for you and your guests to enjoy. 

A sophisticated addition to your bedroom or living room décor, lava lamps are a simple way to brighten up any room. You’ll be able to feel fun and funky all the time with one of these flamboyant ornaments in your home. 

Create a vintage wonderland with lava lamps and more at Briscoes  

To create a classic theme in your home, you can pair our lava lamps with other vintage-style items in our store. You can find more retro designs in our range of kettles, toasters, barstools, sheet sets, and more. Just type ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ into the Briscoes search bar and start browsing through timeless motifs. 

Briscoes continues to be one of New Zealand’s favourite homewares brands. With our price beat guarantee and fast shipping options, you can shop with confidence for a fashionable lava lamp today and have it delivered to you quickly, anywhere in New Zealand.