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Kids Bedding

Thanks to our range of kid's bedding, you’ll sleep easy knowing that your kids are having a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. No matter your child’s age or bed size, we’ve sorted with a selection of kid's duvet covers and sheet sets at Briscoes. 

Help your kids to sleep through the night

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s not easy getting your kids to sleep all the way through the night. Although we don’t have all the answers, we know that comfortable bedding plays a big role. Whether you’re looking for flat or fitted sheets for a children’s bed, we’ve got what you need. If you’re after a soft duvet cover for your kids, we’ve also got you covered. Although your kids probably only care about how their bedding looks, as parents, you know that comfort and durability are also important. Be sure to also out our kid’s pillows and throws, and kid’s decor.

Choose from a range of bright and colourful styles

It can be a great idea to include your children when buying sheet sets or a new kid's duvet. No matter what your kids like, we’ve so many different colours and styles of bedding and linen available at Briscoes. Choose from creative and exciting patterns, bright pinks and stunning blues. Kid's bedding options are from leading suppliers, including Poppiseed, Twill & Co and Gentle Dreams. Once you’re done sorting out their bedroom, view our selection of kid's toys and books. Order your new kids bedding online now with fast delivery right to your door. 

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about kid's bedding. 

Where do you buy kid's bedding?

You can choose from a range of kid's bedding and linen at Briscoes. As well as that, we also stoke a range of kid’s dinnerware.

What do you call a kid’s bed?

For really young children, their bed is sometimes called a cradle, crib or cot. However, as kids get older, they usually move into a larger kid's bed.