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Slow-Cooker Buying Guide

Slow-Cookers are a lifesaver in the Kitchen for busy homes! Yummy meals practically make themselves. Simply throw together your ingredients in the morning, place in your cooker on low and leave to cook and watch a delicious meal unfold! Find the slow-cooker that's best for you with our wide range at Briscoes.




Our Range Explained

When selecting your Slow Cooker consider the number of people you'll be cooking for, the types of meals you're wanting to make and the time you'll realistically have to cook. Once you've determined these things, you'll be able to identify the shape, size and elements of a Slow Cooker that'll be suit you.



Breville the Searing Slow Cooker

Intensify the flavours by searing and slow cooking in the same pan without the use of a stovetop. This multifunctional slow cooker includes a steam and yoghurt setting. Large Family Size 6L Capacity - Removable, aluminium cooking bowl with PFOA free non stick coating for easy cleaning. Great for families or large gatherings!