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Dust Busters

Perfect for spot cleaning floors and furniture or cleaning your car, Dust Busters are miniature vacuum cleaners that suck up dust, crumbs and other debris in hard-to-reach places in the car or around the house. Plus, they’re often the best vacuum cleaner in NZ for pet hair. Get yours at Briscoes now. 

Clean those hard-to-reach places with a Dust Buster

Dust Busters use suction power to clean everyday messes and pick up fine dirt and debris, including pet hair. The original Dust Buster design actually came about from the Apollo space mission, as NASA needed a portable, self-contained item to extract core samples from the moon’s surface. 

Continuing this pioneering legacy, our ever-popular selection of Dust Buster vacuum cleaners come equipped with high-tech features. These hallmarks include high-performance batteries, crevice tools, powerful filtration and portability for excellent vacuuming results. 

As well as being handheld and cordless, Dust Buster vacuum cleaners are also famous for their slim nozzle. This helpful design provides greater accessibility and convenience. Their lightweight and easy-to-use nature and translucent, bagless dirt bowls make it easy to see the dirt and empty. We hate to sound like a broken record, but a Dust Buster is often the best vacuum for pet hair. 

Explore our extensive range of dust busters at Briscoes

Get a great deal on Dust Busters and other vacuum cleaners from leading brands like Black & Decker and Electrolux here at Briscoes. Combine with a high powered vacuum cleaner and steam mop for spotless results around your home. 

Enjoy the effective cleaning properties of a Dust Buster from our collection. Shop Briscoes online and enjoy our free returns and buy now, pay later options, or Click & Collect from your nearest Briscoes store.

Frequently asked questions

Your commonly asked questions about Dust Busters. 

What is the best brand of Dust Buster?

This will depend on your budget and personal preference. At Briscoes, we stock leading Dust Buster brands, including Black & Decker and Electrolux. 

How long do Dust Busters last?

How long your Dust Buster’s battery lasts will depend on your particular model. In saying that, you can generally expect a Dust Buster battery to last up to 15 minutes at a time.