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      Briscoes Panel Heaters

      Fill every corner of a room with warmth using a panel heater from Briscoes. These slim and minimalistic heaters easily blend into your home décor, while evenly distributing heat throughout large areas. 

      Experience consistent warmth with the latest in panel heater technology 

      Panel heaters use convection heating to warm up and circulate air. This means that every nook and cranny across any room, big or small, can be filled with warmth quickly. These lightweight and sleek heaters can also be fitted with wheels for portability, or built-in with a wall mount. 

      Designed with the latest in heating technology, our range of Goldair panel heaters include Wi-Fi capabilities so that you can control the warmth of your home from anywhere. All you have to do is install the Goldair App and start customising your heat settings! Our range of Goldair panel heaters are wall panel heaters and also eco friendly heaters find out more!

      Shop for panel heaters that blend in seamlessly with your décor 

      With modern and minimalistic designs, our panel heaters are perfect for blending in with your home décor. Choose between standard black and white models or a range of panel heaters with paintable surfaces! No matter what your style is, we have a panel heater to match. 

      Buy your new panel heater, radiant heater, fan heater or other heating solutions from Briscoes, an iconic New Zealand brand .We provide our shoppers with competitively priced, quality homewares in-store or online, with our price beat guarantee and fast shipping options.