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Casserole Dishes

Whether you want to try out a new casserole recipe or make a lovely potato bake as a side dish for a dinner party, our casserole dishes allow you to make wonderful comfort food whenever the mood strikes. Browse our wide collection now. 

Get cooking in the cooler months with these casserole dishes

No matter what recipe you want to try or how big your casserole is, we have the casserole dish for you. Our wide range has quality constructed casserole dishes of all sizes and shapes to offer maximum functionality with minimal mess. 

Like to freeze or reheat your meals in the container? We have freezer safe and microwave safe options. Worried about thermal shock? We have casserole dishes that are scratch resistant and made of borosilicate glass, making them more heat resistant.  Some can even withstand 300°C.

Not to mention we have options that are stain and odour resistant, making your dishes more hygienic in the long run. No need to worry about that tomato-based pasta bake recipe! Plus we have dishwasher safe options, so you don’t have to spend all night scrubbing your dishes.

Find the perfect casserole dish for you at Briscoes 

Impress guests when serving your casserole on our fine dinnerware and ever-stylish cutlery. Or browse other cookware essentials like cute ramekins for your sauce, or versatile baking trays for your everyday cooking. 

At Briscoes, we specialise in kitchenware from high quality brands such as Maxwell & Williams and Simon Gault. Browse our range of casserole dishes and enjoy our fast shipping options and our price guarantee.