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The No-Frill Grill Guide

Confused about where to start when it comes to choosing a barbeque? If you’re unsure where to begin and you're starting to feel a bit charred by all the choices, let us show you what we’ve got. Our buying guide is curated to assist you in choosing the perfect BBQ for your outdoor entertaining and enable you to become the ultimate BBQ master!




Our Range Explained

It's time to get your grill on! Understand how to choose your perfect BBQ based on your needs. Compare the multiple types of BBQs we have to ensure that you select the right match for your outdoor entertaining area. 


Gas BBQs 

  • Speed - Gas cooking tends to be generally more time-efficient of BBQ cooking. 
  • Accuracy - Gas BBQs offer the benefit of allowing to control the temperature with their easy-to-turn dials that allow for that element of precision when it comes to perfecting the perfect char. 
  • Heat - Cooking on Gas BBQs results in a more regulated and direct heat which is generally provided with the multiple burners that come equipped with Gas BBQs, perfect for executing the prime medium-rare.





Charcoal BBQs

Portable - Charcoal BBQs tend to be easier to move so they’re a great choice for those summer camping nights.

  • Speed - Charcoal BBQ’s are a slow burn to start as they require additional time to heat up to prime cooking temperatures
  • Accuracy - Charcoal BBQs provide a challenge when it comes to heat regulation as you’re cooking from the heat given off by the glowing embers, this method of cooking is ideal if you desire to give your cooking the classic barbecue look and taste we all desire.


BBQ Sizes

BBQs come in a range of sizes so depending on what the occasion is, you want to ensure you pick the perfect one. Things to take into consideration are the size or the area you plan on having the BBQ, the convenience, and the maneuverability you're after. Because BBQs come in so many different sizes we want to ensure that you select one that will suit both your needs and also your outdoor area. 



Deck/Patio BBQ's

Feed the whanau with some of our larger BBQ options available.
However, with these bigger BBQs comes the need for larger storage space. If you intend to leave this outdoors, we recommend purchasing a heavy-duty cover to keep your BBQ safe from the elements of NZ.

Featuring 3+ burner capability. 






Portable BBQ's

Perfect for those that are working with a smaller space but want the fire and flare that BBQs provide to food.
Portable BBQs are perfect for those that are looking for a small yet versatile BBQ. Whether it’s at the campsite, at the beach house, at home, or down at the beach, portable BBQs allow for flexibility for your grill time.

Featuring 1 - 2 burner capability.


Size Considerations

When it comes to selecting the size of the BBQ that’s right for your needs, you’ll need to consider two things:

  • Space: You’ll need to grab the tape measure and measure the size of the physical space you intend to store your BBQ. Keep in mind that gas BBQs will need space on one side to allow for the gas bottle to be stored. 
  • Catering Size: Depending on how many mouths you're intending to cater for. Gas BBQs provide a larger cooking space as the number of burners increases.


1-10 People

BBQ Buying Guide-1-3burner.jpg

11-14 People

BBQ Buying Guide-3-4burner.jpg

14+ People

BBQ Buying Guide-4+burner.jpg






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