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Handbags & Wallets

The best wallets and handbags in NZ are the perfect balance of style and functionality. At Briscoes, we have a range of wallets and handbags to carry your most important items. All the while matching what you’re wearing. 

Keep essential items on hand at all times

Our selection of bags and luggage extends to handbags and wallets. Our range includes leading brands like Hedgren and Gionni. Many of our handbags and wallets feature stunning colours and durable materials. Whether you’re heading out to a formal event or just need a women’s or men's wallet for day to day use, we have something for you. You can browse our selections of handbags and wallets online now, with fast delivery right to your door

Explore a range of baggage options with Briscoes

As well as handbags and wallets, we also have many other baggage options at Briscoes. For general use, view our range of tote bags featuring many creative designs. Or, for work, you may benefit from a business bag or garment bag to protect your suit or dress. Contact us online or at your nearest Briscoes branch for any advice on our luggage and baggage options. 

Frequently asked questions

Your frequently asked questions about handbags and wallets. 

What is the difference between a purse and a wallet?

These two items are indeed very similar. However, a purse was originally designed to carry coins. Whereas a wallet is designed to carry any number of money and cards. A wallet also fits better in the pocket in most cases. 

What type of handbag is best?

This will depend on your style, budget and what you want from your handbag. At Briscoes, we stock fantastic handbags from brands such as Hedgren and Gionni.