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How to Find your Perfect Sleeper Bed

We don’t just think a good night’s sleep is a luxury. Instead, it’s a necessity! A big part of successful sleep comes down to your pillows and mattress. At Briscoes, we have a wide variety of bedding, including some of the best types of mattresses in NZ. We’re proud to be the exclusive stockist of Serta mattresses, which are some of the best box mattresses available. There are many types of Serta beds in NZ to suit any type of sleep style. This wide variety of mattresses is excellent, but it also poses a slight problem… being spoilt for choice! With so many different bedding and mattress options, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to understand what makes each mattress in a box different. More importantly, however, it can make it difficult to know which of the Serta mattresses is best for you and your family. 

To make navigating the mattress landscape easier, we’ve compiled our shopping advice into four easy steps. Following this guide will help take the guesswork out of buying Serta mattresses so you’re one step closer to a better night’s sleep. Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:

What is a Perfect Sleeper?

Four easy steps to find the perfect sleep

Other ways to improve your sleep

Bedding options available at Briscoes

Let’s dive in!


What is a Perfect Sleeper?

At Briscoes, we’re proud to stock a range of top-of-the-line mattresses and mattress toppers from Serta. This famous bed brand has a history built on the belief that comfort is everything. They have 90 years of experience making some of the best mattresses in NZ, including their popular Perfect Sleeper range. Given the specialist foams, a Perfect Sleeper mattress provides over 40% better pressure relief. But it still begs the question, which option is the one for you?

Four Easy Steps to Find the Perfect Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep can be vital to helping you feel fit and healthy. So, the pressure is on to a certain degree when choosing the right mattress or mattress topper. Don’t stress too much, though, as we’ve broken our bed buying advice down into four easy-to-follow steps. 

Understand Why you Need a New Bed

Firstly, it’s a good idea to reflect on what’s happening in your life and how you’re currently sleeping. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How long have you had your bed for?
  • Does your bed support you like you’d like it used too? 
  • Do you have a spare room that needs filling after recently moving house?

Generally speaking, if your bed is older than eight years old, chances are it won’t be performing and supporting you as it should. That same bed you bought many years ago after being taught the benefits from a salesperson may no longer offer those same perks. Sleep is so important. So when you understand that wear and tear, spills, stains and bed bugs accumulate over time can affect your sleep, it makes sense to invest in a new mattress. 

When you’re moving home or there are changes in the family, this may also be when you find yourself needing a new mattress. A low-cost and convenient mattress in a box like Serta’s Perfect Sleeper can help you meet the changing demands of life without a big price tag or a long delay. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months for a good night's sleep!

Get a Feel for What to Look for in a Mattress

Your mattress needs to function in two ways. One, to evenly distribute your weight. And two, to support and keep your spine in a neutral position. How your mattress needs to support your spine ultimately depends on your sleeping preferences and body type. Whether a Serta bed or other mattress topper, a firmer mattress may work better for a stomach or back sleeper. However, a softer mattress or mattress topper can be more beneficial for side sleepers. 

Research has shown that the best mattresses for back pain are often medium-firm. These options provide cushioning for pressure points and maintain enough support to keep the lower back from sinking. Our Perfect Sleeper mattress, available at Briscoes, has been designed with a medium-firm feel to cater to most sleeping styles and body types. 

Top tip: If you need further cushioning to alleviate pressure points and overall comfort, check out our Serta Cloud Top. One of the best mattress toppers in NZ, the Cloud Top gives a plushy and softer feel for added cushioning. 


Compare Mattress Sizes

Mattress size plays a key role in getting good quality sleep. But what size do you actually need? Choosing the right size mattress, whether a Serta box mattress or any other double or single mattress in NZ, can depend on various factors. Questions you should ask yourself when it comes to deciding on mattress size include:

  • How many people will be sleeping in your bed with you? 
  • What is the size of the person(s) sharing the bed with you? 
  • Do you have kids who like to spend time in bed with you?
  • Do you sleep with your pets on the bed? 
  • What is your sleep position?

There are many other considerations when it comes to mattress or mattress topper size, but these are some key questions. Our range of Setra mattresses come in all main sizes, including: 

  • Single - 91cm x 188cm

A single mattress is perfect as your child’s ‘first real bed’ or an ideal spare bed for a guest only staying one night. 

  • King single - 107cm x 203cm

A great long-term option or perfect first bed for your ‘big kid’. A single king single mattress could last well into their teenage years. 

  • Double - 137cm x 188cm

A double mattress is ideal for teenagers that need a little more room to grow or a single adult living alone. This size bed is also perfect for the guest bedroom. 

  • Queen - 153cm x 203cm

A queen size mattress is the minimum size that we recommend for couples. A bed of this size can be a great option if space is limited in your bedroom. 

  • King - 167cm x 203cm

A king mattress is a fantastic choice for couples who need a little more wiggle room or may have pets taking up bed space. 

  • Super king - 183cm x 203cm

A super king mattress is highly recommended for couples needing extra room to move freely throughout the night. A super king bed also allows enough room for your little ones to join you.

Try Before you Buy

Let’s be honest. It can sometimes feel a bit awkward going into a bed shop to test out and lie on a mattress. In saying that, trying before you buy is still the best way to get a feel for your mattress and to know what you’ll be getting. Thankfully, you can try any Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress displayed in-store at selected Briscoes stores. Unlike other box mattress options on the market, with Serta beds in NZ, you won’t be buying blind and potentially being stuck with a bed you don’t like the feel of. When you do go into Briscoes to try out your Serta mattress in a box, here are some tips: 

  • Dress comfortably and kick off your shoes, so you can try to recreate how you’d normally sleep.

  • Are there two of you in bed? If so, try the beds together to ensure they work for both of you. 

  • Try out the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress with and without a mattress topper to see which feel you prefer most.

  • Spend a few minutes with each feel, ideally in your typical sleeping position with your partner. 

And there you have it. You’re now equipped and ready to make the perfect sleep decision and take home your first Serta Perfect Sleeper!

Ready to Find your Perfect Sleeper?

Our Serta mattresses at Briscoes come in various sizes and styles, so it can sometimes be hard to pick the right one. Hopefully, after reading this handy guide, you’ll feel confident in your purchasing decision and that you’ll be one step closer to a better night's sleep. If you need more advice on picking a box mattress or mattress topper, pop in and speak to your local Briscoes team. They’ll be happy to point you in the right direction and offer further advice. Otherwise, head over to our sleep shop for other pointers regarding getting better sleep. 

As well as mattresses, we also supply a wide range of other bedding options. Be sure to view our wide variety of pillows, mattress toppers, duvet inners and bed sheets. We really do have options for any family, style or requirements. As well as choosing a mattress, it can also be tricky to decide on which other bedding is best for your room. For more bedding advice, check out our helpful guides, including: