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Bring Earth Day Into Everyday

Across the Briscoes range we stock eco-friendly, sustainable and better for the environment alternatives that are great for your home and great for the earth.


Being Eco-friendly in all rooms of the house

Here are our top products, brands and ideas for having the most sustainable house and loving the plant from every room. We also suggest some alternatives to your everyday essentials from plastic waterbottles to reusable bottles and coffee cups to reusable travel mugs. 




For the Bedroom

  • Nature's Feel Eco Pillows & Duvet Inners: 
    These Eco Duvet Inners & Pillows are made from 100% PET plastic bottles and transforming them into a luxuriously soft and fluffy fibre, and is hypoallergenic, you would never guess it was made of recycled materials.

  • Royal Doulton Iris Cotton Sheets:
    100% Cotton Sheet Set made from Certified Organic Cotton (GOTS) and naturally dyed. The Iris set is free from pesticides, insecticides and any nasty chemicals, making it wonderful to have against your body for a better night's sleep. 

  • Royal Doulton Corn Fibre Duvet Inner:
    Sustainibility grown, Ingeo corn fibre is not only a better choice for your home, but for the planet and a better choice for you, Ingeo corn fibre offers superior insulation to keep the body warm and temperature regulating for a better nights sleep. 

  • Cloud 9 Pillows:
    All packaging is made from NZ-made home compostable display bag. For more on how to compost the packaging visit By changing to this compostable bag, we have removed on average 400,000 pastic bags from circulation every year. 

  • Greenfirst Natural Dust Mite Treatment:
    Greenfirst boast the only dust-mite treatment in the world that is 100% natural, no chemicals, and kills dust-mites within 24 hours on contact. It's naturally derived from lemon, lavendar and eucalyptus plants. 




For the Bathroom

  • Royal Doulton Meadown Organic Cotton Towel:
    Elevate your bathroom with this sumptous 650gsm weight towel, made with only GOTS certified organic cotton. 

  • Bathroom Cleaning Products:
    Keep your bathroom as clean as can be with killing household bacteria without chemicals. There are many products that you can enjoy to keep your home clean and look after the environment at the same time. 


For the Kitchen

  • San Miguel:
    100% Spanish recycled glass with no additives bringing the latest design and quality. Glass can be recycled repeatedly without any reduction in quality. So when you buy recycled, you close the loop in sustainability. 

  • Sprig:
    Design led products for a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Sistema Resusable Containers:
    These containers will discourage you from having the restaurant plastic containers and ice cream containers. These are microwave friendly and will last many uses. 


For the Laundry




For the Dining Room

  • Just Home Recycled Cotton Atticus Range:
    All products in the Atticus range are made from 100% Recycle Sustainable Cotton. The yarn is collected from off cuts and is not re-dyed, making each item slightly unique. 
  • Ecology Collections: 
    These products are made of durable stoneware and features an organic shape and rustic edges all done eco-friendly. 




Eco-Friendly Alternatives


Resuable Travel Mugs

Reusable Drink Bottles

Sistema Reusable Containers

Stasher Reusable Bags