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New Season Storage Solutions

As the new season begins it is a perfect time to reevaluate and refresh your space. By envisioning and reimagining your area you will be one step closer to that ideal dream space.
We have put together tips to minimise your items and effectively store them with modern practices and techniques.



Top Tips On Tidying

Here are our top 3 tips to help you get started on your tidy-up journey. From envisioning your ideal space to tidying your items by category and finally parting way with those items that no longer bring joy!
Try our cleaning tips guide to get some more ideas.


Commit & Imagine

The first guideline of cleaning is to decide to seriously clean up and make a commitment to invest time and effort. Although it's a useful tool, organisation is not the end goal. To get rid of clutter and live the life you want is the real purpose of tidying. Take a moment to envision the life you want and what your desired space would look like. A turning point is represented by the tidying process, so give your ideal way of life some serious thought! 



Does it Bring Joy?

Out with the old and in with the new. Only you can determine what kind of environment makes you happy. Making decisions is based on your feelings, particularly on what makes you happy. The secret is to pick up each item one at a time while tidying up and ask oneself quietly, "does this bring joy?" Keep an eye on your body's reaction. Everyone will have a different feeling of joy as it is personal. 


Tidy By Category

By tidying by category rather than by location you do not have to repeat the same task again in numerous rooms. As you can see all of the items you are sorting you are more likely to effectively make decisions and part ways with items. By beginning with clothing (relatively simple) and concluding with sentimental items (difficult), you develop your decision-making abilities along the way and by the end, deciding what to keep seems straightforward.  




Your New Bedroom

Our bedroom is a special place we recharge in. It should be kept in order to make life easier and to ensure the space is inviting and relaxing. Tidying up isn't about buying more but it is important to have efficient and effective ways of storing those special items as well as our day-to-day go-to’s. Start off with clothing as it is relatively easy to make decisions to part ways with them. Start by putting all your clothes into a pile and go one by one with the items, discarding any pieces that no longer bring joy. With the remaining clothes, you are keeping store them by colour, season or whatever you fancy.

Products To Keep You Organised
  • Try some matching coat hangers for a clean and neat look.
  • Have Items that spark joy but aren't used much? Try a vacuum storage bag to keep them protected and take up less space. 
  • Use an ottoman to hide any clutter or spare blankets but still have quick and easy access to it.
  • Limited storage space? Try an under-the-bed storage bag if you're tight on space.
  • Use a laundry hamper to help you sort your clothes throughout the week.
  • Keep your favourite jewellery safe and in one place with a jewellery storage box.





Brighten & Decorate Your New Space


If you're after some new spring decor and are wanting an easy place to make a start, look no further! We have carefully curated a list of fresh and classy spring essentials that will instantly brighten up your space! 


Kitchen & Living

Your kitchen and living area are where we tend to spend a lot of time cooking, relaxing, eating and spending time with our families. It is important to have a clean space and to have it organised in a way that's easy for the whole family to navigate and maintain. Start by removing any expired or unused foods. Ensure you are only keeping dishes that bring you joy and store your items by their category. Try to keep your countertops clear of appliances and clutter, this helps to inspire cooking and makes your life easier.

  • Keep your staples in food storage containers to maintain their quality and minimise visual noise from labels.
  • Try a revolving spice rack to clearly see and use your spices and to have a more consistent look in your kitchen.
  • Add some style to the fridge! Use a mason jar to store any homemade goodies like chutney or yogurt. 
  • Try an ottoman or storage basket to store all those kids' toys and clutter lying around. This hides them while still having close and easy access to them.




Essentials For The Garage and Shed

Sometimes we neglect our garage and shed. It's easy to get caught up in other things around the house that these areas easily become disorganized and feel overwhelming to clean. Organise by dividing your items into different zones this way you can easily find that random tool you need. 

  • Using a large storage box helps to easily store those larger objects. Try sorting by the type of item. One could have sports gear while another has camping gear. Try labelling each so you can easily tell what is in each.
  • Always losing screws or struggling to find the right ones? Use a compartment storage box to keep those smaller items that are easy to lose.
  • Try to store your pet food in a pet food storage box
  • Use draw organisers for that hardware draw. This will keep your tools separated and easy to pick up and find.
  • Got muddy shoes? Try a shoe rack on wheels to store those outdoor shoes somewhere safe and away from those light carpets.
  • Use a storage shelf to easily store your appliances and storage boxes.