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Whether you’re looking for an easier way to whisk, looking to make your own bread or more baking and want to make the process easier, hand mixers are a handy addition to the kitchen. Speed up the mixing process and get everything cooking faster with these quality hand mixers.

Speed up cooking and baking with our powerful, durable hand mixers

You’ll love our wide selection of hand mixers, which includes the latest hand mixer, stick mixer and hand blender models. These come with a number of useful speed settings as well as accessories like dough hooks, so you can reduce the work of making your own bread. 

Depending on your personal kitchen requirements, you may also want a hand mixer with a turbo button, so you can give your arms a break and boost mixing power for those super thick doughs and mixtures. 

Create delicious recipes with these amazing hand mixers from Briscoes 

At Briscoes, we specialise in kitchen appliances and goods from reliable brands such as Breville, Russell Hobbs and Brabantia. If you want a hand mixer for baking, why not buy one of our baking dishes to go with it? You can also make the process more precise with our kitchen scales and measuring spoons.

Shop our stunning selection of hand mixers today and enjoy our fast shipping options and our price guarantee. At leading homewares brand Briscoes, you’ll never buy better.