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Wine Glasses

Elevate your wine enjoyment with elegant wine glasses from Briscoes. Whether you're savouring a fine vintage or toasting to special occasions, Briscoes offers a diverse range of high-quality wine glasses designed to enhance the flavours and aesthetics of your favourite wines. Explore our collection of wine glasses online and discover the perfect blend of sophistication, craftsmanship, and style.

Discover the Briscoes wine glass collection

At Briscoes, we understand the significance of choosing the right glassware to fully appreciate the nuances of wine. Our wine glass collection features a variety of options, from classic stemmed glasses to contemporary designs that suit various preferences. We curate a selection that caters to different types of wine and occasions, ensuring that you find the perfect wine glasses to elevate your wine experience.

Perfect for celebrations and everyday pleasures

Briscoes caters to individuals who seek glassware that brings elegance to their moments of celebration and relaxation. Our wine glasses are suitable for formal dinners, intimate gatherings, festive occasions, and even everyday use. Whether you're indulging in a glass of your favourite red or raising a toast to joyous milestones, our wine glasses complement your unique style and elevate the ambience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your Briscoes wine glass queries.

Do you offer specific wine glass shapes for different types of wine?

Yes, our collection includes wine glasses with specific shapes tailored to various types of wine. For example, red wine glasses typically have a larger bowl to allow for aeration and enhance the wine's aromas, while white wine glasses have a narrower bowl to preserve the wine's crispness.

Are the wine glasses dishwasher-safe?

Many of our wine glasses are dishwasher-safe, but it's recommended to check the product specifications for care instructions. Some delicate or crystal glasses may require gentle hand washing to maintain their clarity and quality over time.

Do you offer wine glass sets?

Yes, we offer wine glasses in both individual pieces and sets. Whether you're looking to purchase a single wine glass for a special occasion or a complete set to cater to your hosting needs, our collection has options to suit your preferences.