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As a leading health technology company, Philips is committed to improving people's health and well-being through meaningful and groundbreaking solutions. You'll revolutionize your sound system on the go with premium headphones and bluetooth speakers, and even say goodbye to bad beard days with the AquaTouch Shaver ensuring a smooth and comfortable shave.




Enjoy a higher standard of living with shavers, alarm clocks, vacuum cleaners and other sensational products from Philips, one of the leading names in electronics. Make your life easier with the latest exceptional quality Philips range at Briscoes. 

Enjoy the meaningful innovation of the latest Philips NZ products

Since the introduction of the first Philips light bulb more than 120 years ago, innovation and a people-centric approach have always been at the core of Dutch pioneers Philips. They bring innovation and advanced technologies to healthcare and healthy living with well-designed products and solutions that touch the lives of millions every day. 

Revolutionise your shaving with Philips. Their range includes the closest electric shaver on the neck, offering you an easy and convenient shave for an affordable price. 4-direction flex heads combined with a CloseCut blade system guarantee a smooth result each and every time.

Other ever popular Philips personal care tools are their versatile trimmers. They include 11 quality tools for styling your face, hair and body that deliver maximum precision, and a non-slip rubber grip for better comfort and control. These features allow you to craft your own personal look with ease. 

Philips offers other leading electronics too. Start your day your way with a stylish, reliable Philips alarm clock radio that comes with a built-in FM radio so you can wake up to your favourite station. They also design some great vacuum cleaners too. 

Shop quality personal care and electronics products from Philips in NZ 

Briscoes has a leading range of Philips products in NZ, as well as quality homewares and much more, all at affordable prices. Shop trusted Kiwi brand Briscoes and proudly support our Kiwi charity of choice, Cure Kids. We also offer fast shipping and free returns.